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Interiors building


We believe that excellent design should be interesting, eye opening and above all be devised by the client. For any high quality refurbishment projects the precise split between ‘architecture’ and ‘interior design’ is never easy to see where one stops and the other takes over!

The most successful projects are those that recognise that high quality overall design must be unique. We can achieve this by either providing interior design ourselves or by collaboration with other interior designers, appointed directly by the client. We have built close relationships with a number of interior designers and the results of a positive collaboration between architect and interior designer can make for an exceptional project.

In either instance (whether the interior design work is undertaken ‘in-house’ or with a separately appointed interior designer), our core values remain the same: we encourage early-stage collaboration, transparency and team work and we feel it is vital that there is an established ‘shared vision’ between client, architect and interior designer. Let’s work together for a sensational interior finish!

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