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  Housing Development

Leaworks Estate is one of the UK's best known new housing developers this century. Our vision has been the same since the beginning: to be a dynamic and innovative company with a passionate commitment to provide superbly designed and built homes in the East Midlands our goal is to make more space for a great living experience we build on excellence.
Leaworks Estate portfolio reflects the aspirations of a much broader range of home buyer’s; we also develop existing builds such as houses and commercial properties. We promote our build requirements bespoke to our clients requirements in most cases and cover a wide variety of projects such as small to medium scale developments in towns, cities and the countryside, mixed use schemes, riverside apartments, refurbished historic buildings and urban loft spaces. The company has also gained considerable experience in creating sustainable communities within regeneration areas and also buildings involved with the English Heritage Schemes.
Enjoy our new living Experience
We at Leaworks Estate take prinde in our developments and help create new homes of outstanding quality, which exceed expectations on all levels we make a vital contribution to the landscape, to the communities we help create and to the environment at large..  Through our commitment to excellence in designing and planning, we create exceptional places to live.  Such is our dedication to finding these select developments we have built a team dedicated to building success stories.
We focus on creating desirable new residential addresses in wonderful and new locations.  We put our clients at the heart of every decision and we cater to all of their wims & desires. Our solutions are made to endure every client’s wishes for a wonderful new home!

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